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Cathays Conservative Club is a social club based in the Cathays suburb of Cardiff. Social clubs are often used as an outlet for the proletarian class to wind down after work, and to enjoy company on a weekend. Cathays Conservative Club opened in 1891 and is still open to this day. It is important to revisit fundamental spaces in proletarian communities in order to understand proletarian culture, the activities at the club include skittles, bingo, poker, and music rehearsals. These activities that take place at the club also reinforce the narrative that these places are essential for people to meet others with mutual interests.


Returning to the idea that leisure spaces for the working class are steadily in decline also reinforces the importance of the strength and resilience in this community. We must look no further than the mass closure of communal spaces such as sports centres, libraries and community centres as evidence of this. For a social club to remain open to serve the local community whilst a war has been declared on proletarian class is nothing short of admirable. This work is a celebration of the culture that exists in this social club, and the culture of social clubs across the United Kingdom. 

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